The Blogpire strikes back

With the rebels running, the Blogpire… Nah, nothing interesting here 😮
But now that you’re already reading this and therefore wasting your short life span on this planet, let me tell you, that there’s
nothing of interest coming up… Seriously.. I promise… Look, I know you expect me to write something cool or witty here,
but that is NOT gonna happen..In conclusion I would like to state that this marks the beginning of a new blog era. An era, in which
the masses will flock towards this blog, look at it, watch it intensely and at some point pull their hair out in anger and rage, for there
shall be nothing of relevance whatsoever in here. Then you will tell yourself " I just won’t read it anymore then".. Oh yeah ? What if I
write anything important unexpectedly ? WHAT THEN ?? Could you live with that ? Or would it tear you apart from the inside like the
cheese on a sandwich without enough ketchup to cover the delicious ham..mmm..ham… Train of thought just derailed, so let’s pretend
that the blog ends here.. And it does.. END :O

About chrismesstree

But enough about me, what about you ? :o
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