Blog Blog Hooray

Finally reinstalled msn and remembered there was some sort of Blog option..Instantly found it after just 20 mins and started typing this.
Now I’m sure nobody has read any of my things before, but this one will be different..This one will be the best blog entry I’ve ever written.
So much happened lately and so many things changed, life is full of surprises and…I just keep making up crap so lets call it quits :O
But wait…nah nevermind.. or…no…maybe..yes.. YES…nah..oh well..Somehow I feel like I haven’t wasted enough of your time..Lemme think of something..
Ok…A little story… Once upon a time there was a rabbit.. The rabbit always thought it was the fastest creature in the whole forest and one day decided to prove
that point by holding a race against all the other forest critters. Nobody showed up, not even the rabbit.. And the morale of the story : Dont plan events and forget to give out a date. I hope this will save your life one day and you will remember who told you so and shower me with money. Seriously..I really mean it..
And for all the girls I know : Some fashion tips..Dont forget to put on clothing in the morning. Always wear shoes when leaving your house. And thats all he wrote :O

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But enough about me, what about you ? :o
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3 Responses to Blog Blog Hooray

  1. Kaion] says:

    :O That was an awesome article :OI m so proud to be the first to add a comment :OKiss from L.A where Lags remains.Dont get lobbed folks.

  2. Kaion] says:

    Ah, I forgot, dont miss your kroootchen

  3. Christian says:

    Bravo, braaavo *clap* nicely done anecdote you got yourself involved in while not giving any crap about people\’s time, therefore waste their precious, never to get back life-ressources while trying to prove a point that is pointless to the eye of the beholder forever and ever, never to be found again in this tragic existance of humans in this pitiful world we call home, whilst dwelling in memories of better blogs than this one right here where i write this comment to my friend whose name shall never be spoken from the mouth of anyone who had known him for a long time in the open woods of the place i call the internet.and before i start wishing you goodbye i call it quits too.

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