Merry Blogmess :o

Oh yes, just keep those very frequent and important blug updates rolling, buddy. On this 23rd of December, I will use this place right here, which is being read by over 5 million people daily (it just doesnt seem to count them properly..) to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, except all the religious minorities, who think their religion is better (it is not, you just gave our guys different names !) :O festive and celebrationesque, its almost scary..Can you hear those bells ringing ? Must be time for my pills again.. Can you hear those children singing ? Must be some new Popstar/Superstar/whatever casting shit show on TV again.. Can you see those trees glowing in the dark ?  Must be another one of them nasty forest fires.. Can you see the snow falling from the sky ?  Must be another coke plane getting shot down by them drug addicts.. Enough of the festive song..Now on to more meaningful things… Christmas to many is a day of giving..a day of not caring about yourself, but others.. So why dont you start right now and send me some money or what not ? I would even be willing to lower myself to accept it, just so you can feel warm and fuzzy inside for giving (thats basically what I give you..YOU CANT PAY FOR FEELINGS, ITS STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART..I guess..).
It doesnt feel complete without a very concerned and sincere note about society and politics, now does it ? So here goes… I AM PRETTY SINCERELY CONCERNED RIGHT THERE.
Oh and before I forget, a note for every French person reading this.. If you ever..EVER..want to become a good tennis player, please practice getting Lobs, because otherwise there will always be shame.. Shame is actually spot on, because I feel lots of it, so lets better end this, before it gets even more serious :O
What a serious mess of a blog, eh ? Just you wait for the next one… Probably even this year…if not…then not..over and out :O

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But enough about me, what about you ? :o
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1 Response to Merry Blogmess :o

  1. Christian says:

    Well, well, well. if that\’s not gonna blow my mind right now. Another one of your infamous blogs whilst just one year. You never cease to impress me, my man. Especially your ernest and sincere CONCERNS about politics and our/your social community. Top notch stuff. It reminded me in severals ways of that movie "Zombieland", quite good one at that. And kudos to your appreciation that feelings cannot simply be bought by sending you dirty\’n rotten money. So, no dough for you right there. Ah yes, congrats to your 5 millionth reader. A work well done indeed, your highly blogmess. …and if you thought that\’s all from me, you\’re catastrophically wrong. I wish you also a merry new and good old year 2010. That\’s it from my part, just a small…in comparison to all those other million who wished you well. Adios and see you in the new year, where pigs finally got the hang of being able to get their fat bodies to fly and dogs can finally hunt again. Peace out, Roger over and out.

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