March March March towards Blogdom !

Seems as if I didnt manage to write another stupid entry before 2010, so.. Happy New Year :O
Lots of stuff has been happening and things changed..Oh, the change…by the way.. I did inform myself about blogs by now and noticed, that you’re supposed to write things about your thoughts and feelings and what you’re
doing at the moment..Well.. I feel hungry, am thinking about nothing in particular and am writing this Blog :O
Is this really a Blog ? Sometimes I wonder.. Am I doing the right thing ? Should I write different things ?
Is there even anything worth writing about ? When a cow crosses the street and only a tree is looking on, does it really
matter ?
Theres also something I need to add..Something to make the Blog worthwhile.. As you know (or probably dont, because
you’re a random stranger and have no clue how or why you end up reading this), I do play computer games every now and then.
This Blog will help you avoiding to play junk, because my opinion is superior to everybody elses and therefore always right ! :O
This Blogs game : Metro 2033 !!
This Blog Writers opinion : It sucks ! Dont play it ! Terrible Crap ! Dont even read the book ! Terrible crap !


Wasnt that an exciting new part ? I certainly dont think so. Still, all this writing exhausted me and I need a break of maybe
5-8 months to let you digest all this valuable info. One more thing : The End :O


About chrismesstree

But enough about me, what about you ? :o
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