My Blog will go on !

2 weeks have come and gone and I still remembered my Login, so I figured “what the heck ? Let’s spout out some words of wisdom for those eager to hear, for they shall be disappointed to find out, that those words of wisdom are all but shallow dribble and nonsense. Yet you will need to read this to find out for sure, I could be lying after all.

Alright, so…One day I promised that this Blog is the Blog to rule all Blogs and you get all the information you need in here, no more newspapers for you. In a way I succeeded. Newspapers are a thing of the past and therefore I have to adjust my Blog to the future. Digital..Mobile…Stuff…You know…cellphones and those square objects people carry around and wipe their McDonalds grease stained fingers over ? Exactly those..You probably have one of those gizmos yourself and now are wondering “But Mr. Tree, how would you do whatever you just tried to express with that convoluted sentence you just have been going on about to write on about ?” and I would reply “Your sentence makes no sense, so do not complain about mine !”

Now the important things you came here to find out and I promise you, this time I will not end it with some lame “There’s not really any info” kinda thing, because that is lame and my loyal readers demand more. They crave for news, infos, a path in life, hopes, dreams and I am the weaver to weave ’em for you. Now the first thing was that the Pope is gonna resign. Anybody here religious ? Yes, I am an upstanding Christian and as such am not sure what to think about it. Replacing an old man by another old man ? Why can’t we ever have a dynamic 30 year old Pope ? Is it because of their experiences in life, which you can only have gathered when you’re old enough to need diapers again ? Who knows…

Then we had meteorites over Russia, hitting buildings and people. You might have seen some of the videos on Youtube, so tell me what it was like, because I did not. What else can be said about it ? Why did the Aliens not save us ? Or maybe they are responsible ? Oh, those crafty Aliens…

And finally we have horse meat disguised as beef in instant food. Somewhere in the world, somebody sold horse as beef and thus we now eat the animals we usually just turned to glue. One could consider living as a vegetarian by now, but a life without meat (no matter how disgustingly diseased and poisonous it is) is no life ! You might want to argue with me on that and that’s fine by me. But know this… I am right.

I also used to have some sort of game review here…once…or twice.. I don’t even remember.. Since my fingers are clenched on the pulse of time itself, I will give you another one RIGHT NOW !  This is technically information overkill right here and I understand that a lot of people do not care about one topic or another, but as I said..newspaper…mobile…thingamajig…And its for free, you don’t have to double check or read some ad-ridden newspaper site which says the same things I say in a different, more human, more comforting and more…..way…

Oh yeah, the game. I give thumbs up for Ys Origins, because it is a good game indeed. Basically you run around, hack and slash, jump and dodge, grind, grind, grind and in the end eventually beat the game, unlocking 2 other characters to play the whole game again. It’s also not the easiest game ever, but as a self proclaimed Pro Gamer, I obviously managed fine. You however will have difficulties. Also Sony is gonna release something about the PS4 or whatever today..or yesterday… I don’t even….

If you really went all the way down here through the Gaming, then congrats, this is it. This is where the Blog ends today and resumes God knows when. Didn’t you like the funnier older ones better ? Yes, me too.. but for once you all had to hear all the news of the week from your favourite source of information on the http interwebs.


Thank you for wasting your valuable time and I hope you will have the mispleasure to read my awesome important rubbish soon again ! Good Bye and Good The End !


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