Oh…my…BLOG !

My death is not confirmed, life signs have been detected and are being transmitted to your screen right now.
Now, my dear reader, you might be wondering why there hasn’t been anything for the last…4 months..wow..
You came here daily, checked the Blog, hoping for more words of wisdom, some guidance through those dark days, which are filled with overlong sentences, intersected with lots of commata and what not. Instead all you got was silence..well…blank space..which is kinda the same thing..in a way..ANYWAYS !

For all you desperate fans, trying to cling on your only source of light in this world, I have managed to return. By once again resetting my password (because I am amazingly inept at trying to remember it, even though I only have 3 different passwords for all the 5000 sites I am signed up on), I now return to your living room, bedroom, cell or hole in the ground.

Now you’ll be saying “But hey, you guy ! That’s all well and fine, but what about the news you promised us ? You know, your fancy logo stating that we don’t need any more newspapers !”.

You are correct, that’s my claim and I will be damned if I can’t do whatever it takes to make sure that you will keep on living with the feeling that you can expect something of this Blog which it might give you at some point without really being too serious on promising what you demand.

Not much happened in the world during my absence. Saddam got caught, Osama got shot, the NSA is spying on us all, Egypt is still having some sort of struggle and I had Pizza for lunch. Quite the ordinary.
However you do not really want to know THOSE things, otherwise you’d be reading different Blogs, Blogs that boast with vast knowledge and lecture you about how the world functions and how people feel about this and that, which they formerly didn’t care or know about but now pretend to, because it gives them more readers. No, this Blog will not do this :O

And so I bid you farewell for now, hoping that you will still pretend to be there and read all of this, even though I pretty much nailed the coffin shut by wasting so much of your time with so many letters and yet so little useful information. In a way I am training your senses to quickly spot important information, while ignoring useless dribble.
Hopefully you didn’t succeed, otherwise you won’t be back.. But I will be…back…ack…ck…k…..


Small tiny edit : Yes, I did change the background to green, you did not spill spinach or accidentally boot up your Atari Desktop. Now you, the reader, can be even more in touch with nature by looking at the green background while using your electric smog spewing device to read all this. Huzzah !


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But enough about me, what about you ? :o
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