Happy Cat day..

A truly epic occasion is or was upon us, it has been or still is cat day. The day of the year, on which cats are appreciated and loved. Remember funny stuff like Cheezburger cats and lolcats and catastrophies all over the globe ? Good.
Today or yesterday is or was the day to honour it and I hope you do or did.
Cats…what can I say that hasn’t been said already about our furry friends ? They are furry and full of claws and laziness. They can easily turn from friend to foe when not getting what they want and vice versa. They can help you getting rid of unwanted guests by triggering their allergies, quite the useful trait. They can also make you more attractive to the opposite gender..Girls love cats..or was that dogs…Damn dogs..you don’t get a day, you are vile creatures from HELL !
To summarize, it’s a day for cats. Rejoice, cats all over the world to celebrate the day you probably don’t even know about. Do not worry though, a lot of things have special days, so that we think of them once a year and can forget about them for the rest..like peace or world hunger :p

Now wasn’t this a serious and informative blog ? Yes, it was. I hope you also showed it to your cat and if you do not own a cat, that you now go out and acquire one as soon as possible (unless the cat day is already over, in which case you have another catless year to live all by yourself..what a drag).

What more do you want to know about cats ? They are smart enough to use a toilet and they even clean themselves. In a way they are like little egoistic human beings, unable or unwilling to communicate with their voice. Like a child maybe…a furry, hairy, clawed child..Cats…wow..
Therefore let me congratulate all the cats all over the world on this (past) day and wish them the best for the future.

Finally I would like to share my own cat story with you, the reader, because you certainly want something to remember from all of this and I’ll be damned if I don’t give you anything.
There was this one day when our cat peed on the sofa. It was quite a mess and the cat certainly got told to never do that again. It did do it again however. Shows you that cats can’t be trusted, PERIOD.

Meow meow

Meow meow


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