Christmas Time Beath Upon Thou, Yo

Hasn’t time just flown by ? Remember when it was September and everybody was at war and the whole world was a place that you didn’t wanna live in anymore ? It was such a depressive time, that I couldn’t even muster  the strength to write an entry for either October (Happy Halloween, if you do that kinda thing..also you’re a puppet of the sweets industry..A PUPPET !) and November (Happy Thanksgiving, if you do that kinda of thing…also your ancestors most likely killed lots of natives..LOTS OF NATIVES !).

That’s all forgotten now however. December is upon us, the joyful time of the year when commerce means love and gifts mean appreciation. You can tell peace is everywhere around us, even in countries like Iran, where they (believe it or not) don’t have Christmas ! Can you believe that ? No Christmas..Yes, sure, they have their own holidays, but those are just..not Christmas.

Christmas..I feel like I haven’t written that word often enough..Christmas ! And then the new year as well. What will 2014 bring ? Is it gonna be better or worse than 2013 ? My professional prediction : If you had a good 2013, it’s probably gonna be worse and if you had a terrible 2013, it’s most likely going to stay the same.

However that’s not what this post is about. This is about Christmas. Reuniting with the family, eating food, greedily open gifts, disappointed faces once the gifts are unwrapped, arguments, shouting, blazing fires in the living room.. Christmas is practically the explosion of all the feelings that got suppressed during the whole year. If that’s a good thing or not is for you to decide.

Maybe you also need some gift ideas. You’re at home right now, browsing the internet to find something for your beloved and you just can’t find anything at all. You seek help…advice..some want to be original but also make sure that the giftee will not disapprove of your efforts. Simple solution : Money. Money always works. Granted, it’s highly unoriginal and shows that you did not go through the above mentioned process of searching, failing, desperation, anger, violent outbursts and resignation. Technically it’s a bit like cheating and you should be ashamed that you took that shortcut, but reaslistically everybody is glad to receive money. You spare them the faking of happiness when they open their gift and stare upon a new pair of underwear or socks or (even worse) a household appliance. Have fun with your spoons or your new bathroom scale. Money is the solution.

You might also look for a way to spend Christmas properly. Simplest way : Stay by yourself, lock the door, don’t get in contact with anyone. Do everything via mail, do not call people on the phone or expose yourself to conversations. Grab some chips (or crisps or whatever you wanna call them), a book, the tv, your computer..whatever is in reach and silently enjoy the peace surrounding you. If you open the door for others, they will ruin it for you. Willingly or not, other people have their own ideas on how to spend Christmas and may force them upon you. When was the last time you played board games with your family ? You don’t remember ? If you want it to stay that way, don’t socialize. Ah, the joy of Christmas.

Now that you’re in the right mood to celebrate and worship our Lord and Saviour, I will bid my farewell and imagine that I just saved your Christmas, which practically makes me an angel..or something along those lines.. Happy Christmas and a Merry new year 😮


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