2014 – Mayan Acopalyspe Mistimed Misspelled

…and then it was 2014.
My fellow fellowship of followers and fans of most exquisitely digestable Blogurt ! Let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year..on this..12th of January 2014 (maybe even the 13th, if you’re from Asia or Australia). Did we have fun at those parties or what ? Damn right, partying hard and never worrying about what was and what’s gonna be. Yolo, Yodo, Yoda, Yoga.
You might wonder what’s up with the headline and why anyone would revisit the old “world is gonna end 2012 coz dem Mayans dun no how two make calendar go on” thing. In that case keep on wondering, because there’s absolutely no other reason for it to be there.
The year has now replaced a 3 with a 4 and I do hope you managed the transition well thanks to my useful and scientifically approved advice, which I dispensed last month (Yeah yeah, that was mostly about Christmas..which you would only know, had you actually read it. You did read it ? Gosh darn golly, in that case I’ll just rest my case.)
A new year usually gives people the chance to change their lives. They make resolutions to better themselves and improve on what they did wrong all the years before. I, for example, crafted a very complicated plan to somehow write less Blog entries, because I do realize that life without ’em can get pretty boring and tedious..for you..the reader. “Wait…Less ? Are you that daft to not realize that less is less and therefore is
a) pretty hard to achieve anyways, since you (me, not you) barely write any Blog entries
b) a stupid plan if you want to spread your (mine, not yours) wisdom to others who accidentally land on this Blog and do not immediately delete their browser history in shame ?”

I do understand your question and concern and want to use this mighty important Blog entry to answer everything (thank God you asked, otherwise this whole thing would be blank).
You see, other people intend to lose weight, gain money, lose bad habits or help the ones in need. The result is usually the opposite of what you intend to do. No matter how wonderful your ideas, the outcome will always be a disappointment. BUT if you set yourself low goals or even negative ones, then there can only be a positive result stemming from them. Plan to waste money and gain weight and you will see that, if it does happen, you had planned it anyways and if it doesn’t..good job in failing..literally. It’s such a simple thing to do and yet very rewarding. Always aim for the lowest target possible and you can only be positively surprised.

Maybe I’m a few days late to tell you now, but you can still use it for next year and amaze people with your smartness of cleverdom. The same way I will by just ending here :O


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