I am World Champions !! or when the Blog went all negative on us

It’s been a few months again…AGAIN and I felt the urge..the need…the drive to return to this place for you, my dear and beloved Bloggerettes. A lot has happened and I feel like I already wrote the exact same phrase in another Blog entry, but it never gets old, does it ? It always feels fresh and exciting when I keep mentioning things that once went down without ever specifying what I actually refer to. That’s clever Blog writing, that is. In this case I will specify :

Germany won the World Cup.
You might have heard from other sources, which puts you to shame. As a real follower of my Blog, you would have waited until I told you, instead you probably talked to friends or watched TV or did Facebookery and Tweetism or whatever those magical things are. Be the social outcast I expect you to be and only accept the news I bring you, for those are the good news, the proper news, the news that are newsworthy.
The media throws all that war in your face. You’ve got Iraq, Syria, Israel, Ukraine and so on and so forth, but what are we supposed to do about it ? There’s not a damn thing you can do with protesting or donating money, it will still happen. All your efforts will be in vain as long as unreasonable people keep making the decisions on those matters. You might feel the desire to help those people, make their lives better..Who wouldn’t ? But what could you possibly accomplish ? Most of us don’t even live the things we preach.
We protest against war and we want peace in the world and all races treated the same. People step up against tyrannical Israel to express how unjustified their actions are and that they should finally let those Gazarians (it’s probably made up, but it sounds kinda fancy..) be, yet those same people have no problem condemning every jewish person in the world in the process. We want freedom, we want to be able to do whatever we want, without being judged or degraded. Yet we keep arguing with our friends and family about trivial matters, hold silly grudges, we shout at the bum who’s begging us for money, we slander behind the backs of friends and strangers alike, we try to use every opportunity we get to push ourselves ahead of others for our own personal gain. We bend the truth the way we want to conceive it, even when we should realize that it’s blatantly wrong. All you good people out there, do you really live by the rules you want the governments and others to follow ?
Sure, you might not kill people or anything on that scale, but ask yourself.. If you already act like that while you’re the “little man”, what would you do if you were in power ?
It’s easy to forget where you came from once you made it and your perspective will change eventually, after all the only way to gain power is by elbowing your way up the ladder. That’s the law of competition, there’s no room for friendliness, kindness and a good heart if you want to be someone that’s gonna have a say in matters one day.
You should start with your own life first before you demand for others to change. It’s easy to tell others what they are doing wrong and ignore the flaws we show ourselves. Change starts with us. Well..technically it starts with Ch, but..
But wait, wasn’t this about Germany winning the World Cup ? Yes, it was. See what all those terrible news you get bombarded with daily do ? All that damn negativity..On my Blog even.. 😮

And now that you scratch your head in thought of what the heck you just had to read on this Blog, I will quickly disappear without a trace again :p


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