May The Blog continue !

Hello, bonjour and cornchiwawa, long time no see. It is I, the blogger guy who every now and again posts meaningful and important news around this place to enlighten, entertain and encourage you, my fellow readers, to strive for the highest possible goals in life and end up as a blogging superstar just like.. some other guy, who I can not name, for I do not follow any Blogs :p

It’s been nearly a year, AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN and a lot happened AGAIN. Let me summarize the most important world events so that you will be able to boast and impress some folks over the course of your next dinner party event:

– Ukraine and Russia had some sort of disagreement about something. If anyone ever asks you for your opinion about the matter just shrug and say “…”

– Grooveshark has been shut down by the evil* music industry. Now where are you gonna listen to the weird music which you can find nowhere else ? The answer is in the question.

* I will not stand by the term when being pressured by higher authorities, that’s how strong my willpower and resolve is.

– Christmas has come and gone. You seem to have handled it well, after all you are still alive to read this.

– A new Star Wars movie is coming out at some point. Are you not excited and thrilled ? Yes, you are. As am I. Thrilled and excited enough to not elaborate any more.

– Various other things, which you most likely know about by now, unless you are a really devoted fan of this blog and only take your news from here. That would actually make me proud but also a highly irresponsible person for leaving you hanging so long and then only provide a pathetic bulletin list of 4 news, which are not even any priority for/to/with you :p

Alas, after quite the hiatus I somehow return for a new post. Some of you have moved on, you have families now (you might have had families before, but now you could have your own families (you might have had own families before, but now you might be the boss of yours (you might have been the boss of your own family before, but now..let’s just say you might have married and acquired a bunch of kids (now that I think about it, I’ve not been gone long enough for you to have kids, unless you started before my last blog post, therefore disregard that)))). What was I saying ? Ah yes, family.. Others might have left my blog to follow more active ones, for which I can not blame you, but I still will. TRAITORS !    And even others are still here, waiting for a new post..patiently..they sit..wait..and to those I say “Well done, this sort of commitment is not only commendable, it’s borderline insane and you are the guys (and girls..hopefully..girls..we do not discriminate the genders in this Blog, no sir..mam..madam..), without whom this would never have been possible.”

It’s great, isn’t it ? So much positive feedback on the internet ? One can not get used to that. This is the kind of Blog where everybody is appreciated and we all come together to read the great tales I am spinning out of control. Haven’t you ever had the feeling of stating some opinion on the internet and you got insulted, bugged, harassed, bothered and intimidated by others ? And then you remember this Blog and how great your experience has been in this place, where you actually don’t say a word and don’t comment on anything, just simply because this Blog doesn’t even have a real structure or any sort of useful information other than random spewings of letters in a chain that closely resembles a sentence but does lack any real information or purpose. That’s not very common nowadays (ramblings and no information excluded). I guess I basically returned to spread some positive vibes amongst you, my fellow fans and readers and what not and to show the world, that we can all have our opinions and still live in a respectful and understanding world..if you get what I am saying, otherwise this is not very understanding at all..

That has been 700 words now and we are as far as we were when I last left. Maybe I should really try to find some sort of topic to write about instead of whatever it is I am doing, even though I do feel like it’s a good thing, a thing, which helps you pass time and which also educates you in a way. Did you know that you can train your brain to filter out information you don’t need or don’t deem worthy of noticing ? You do now, after reading all of this 😮

It’s been a blast as always, but it is getting late and I am already overstaying all the welcomes, so let’s not make this any worse and end it for now until I return with something meaningful to report, which might be….soon…might be…mark my words.. :p


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