Honey, close the window, the Blog is coming in !

What is this tingling sensation ? The feeling of already being logged in without the need to remember a password, who thought of such an amazing concept ? Seems pretty clear to me that there is a God and this is irrefutable proof of it. Another piece of proof would be the fact, that you only had to endure 2 days instead of 2 years for another post (I know, that could also be evidence for the existance of hell, alas let’s focus on the good, shall we ?). The only problem is, that I have no idea what to actually write and that’s why I am making it up as I go.

There have been no big news over that small amount of time, which means I have to fill this space with other information, that’ll satisfy your craving for typed letters and chained words. In fact I have just been told over Steam chat, that today is indeed World Down Syndrome Day. If you didn’t know that such a day existed, don’t worry, I had no idea as well and I also won’t further elaborate on it, because such subjects can be quite touchy and there are enough soulless, heartless and vile people out there to poke fun at such events, while I, as a professional Blog personality, do always take the neutral stance on any matter, no matter the matter, any matter matters.

However that also means that the Blog is gonna end here, simply because I have nothing to say about the subject and if I start including other topics like Mass Effect Andromeda, Donald Trump’s Russian contacts, the resigning of some French minister and other issues of the world today or yesterday or the day before yesterday, when I last posted something, I’d look way too much like an actual informative Blog and I won’t have none of that.

You only deserve the news that matter, the news nobody else talks about, the news that are still news when you hear them 1 month later, because none of your friends have told you those news and you haven’t bothered to look em up yourself, since you had no idea they even were news in the first place. And as the sun gently drops from the sky to hang its golden rays up in shame and the moon rises to see what’s all the fuss about, I’ll silently bid you farewell, despite the fact, that this entry felt more like a letdown than an uplifting continuation of my daily Blog circle. They can’t all be winners, but at least you had something to read again and to discuss with your friends or family or random strangers online or even offline (hah, offline…noobs).

Until next time, try to stay alive long enough to witness my next exciting interesting amazing entry into the > 10 year history of this Blog. Honestly, how many Blogs do you know that have been around for 10 years and are still active ? This shows how much you guys care and how strongly you have motivated me to keep coming back for more, even if you didn’t, don’t, won’t..You’re probably just busy with life at the moment, which is understandable. Life is a highly complicated process and maybe I should talk about this a bit and try to give you clever advice on real life problems again, those were always popular with my 1 reader from India. Isn’t it amazing how the Blog always manages to continue, despite the fact that I already basically said goodbye a paragraph ago ? Much like an avalanche, this mass of words just comes crashing down until it hits the ground and buries everything  below (you could say the same about the quality, but you won’t, because that’d be rude and my  fellow readers are pretty cool dudes and dudettes and dudits, who always appreciate a kind gesture and give back thousand fold). What a great metaphor to really end this with (the avalanche part, not the thing in brackets, which I literally wrote 5 minutes after the metaphor bit). That is it, expect my return whenever and stay strong, everyone, eventually there will be another post and there’s always a 50/50 chance of it being  an improvement quality wise.

This is the End..for real…for now..not forever, just for this entry AND I AM DOING IT AGAIN SO GOODBYE !


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