Holy Cow, I never saw this. Soo..yeah..About..What’s it all about ? Well, it all started one day on a…fine…sunny…or rainy..in fact…I don’t even remember..Still..It started at some point which means it has to keep on going, but I digress. This Blog is about stuff..various stuff..nothing important, but mostly vital STUFF..

But maybe you were intending to get some info ABOUT me. You’re in luck. Allow me to introduce myself : I am the guy who writes the blogs here. Nobody is reading them, but that doesn’t stop me from writing them. And please, whoever is actually trying to read this, do not be put off by my grammar, because as a GERMAN I am MOZTLY not UZED to write ZE English. Now you might be asking yourself “Hey, why don’t you write the blog in German when you’re German ?” and that’s a good question with a simple answer : I do not.

Enough about all of this, try to make sense of it and good luck :O


1 Response to Über

  1. harxon says:

    Where have you disappeared to!!?

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