…and the birds flu over the swine…flu…

Hello there,
today I am writing to all of you sick..in a sick state..No, not my normal state, my sick state. The thing that happened was the following :
When a man and a woman meet in a park and they gaze at the ducks and into the sunset and their eyes meet for a short moment, reflecting the flicker of the stars above and empowering the passion deep inside them, so that their faces draw closer and closer until one of em sneezes violently in the face of the other, who is immediately stunned and perplexed, falls into the pond, get ravaged by the ducks and most likely drowns. Oh and you also get a healthy dose of what I call…Lov..no, some sort of sickness..FLU ! The flu, famous for being best friends with birds and swines, is a very sneaky sickness. Today you feel like a king and tomorrow you are already coughing up a storm while your nose is running more miles than the ancient Greeks of Marathon.

Now you are wondering… Will there be any actual news ? How do I actually feel ? If it’s in this order, I am slightly upbeat, because it would mean you value this awesome Blog over my pitiful being and that would make me both proud and healthiful….healthy…ful…
So I am still having the Flu, which means I spend an awful lot of time in bed, away from this here computer and you here fans. I had a purple bucket next to my bed for evacuational purposes and also my trusthworthy crocodile shaped trash can, which is choking on snot stained tissues. Howeveer I am quite certain that there is a slight chance that I might recover at some point in time to resume my important job of letting the masses know, WHAT IS UP and WHAT IS NOT SO UP BUT MORE OF A DOWN.
This should be enough about the depressing Flu and it’s common traits in my overly sensible internal system, which also breaks apart after a glass of “copyrighted brown caffeinated bubbly beverage”.

However I do not wish to abandon you all without any news at all..So here it goes… I have seen the Hobbit, the movie and I can tell you that it is very…oh who am I kidding ? We live in the age of the internet and you have seen the Hobbit yourself by now. And if not, then you should have, otherwise you will be branded as an outcast by your friends and/or co-workers. And if you have neither of those, then congrats, because you are not shackled by the confinement of the burden of trying to blend in with others 😛
You are your own person and you do your own thing and I respect that, for there should be more of your kind in this world, where everybody is a follower and nobody dares to go their own path !

And with those words of wisdom, which will be patented soon by myself and shipped to a Chinese Fortune Cookie factory, where kids will work daily on printing them on a piece of paper, so he bourgoi….bourgoisie…cal….upper class bastards can eat them in cookie form after their overpriced dinners at restaurants, thank you very much.

Next time I will be back with something better, I do not promise. But at least this should have wasted enough of your time again for you to realize how important your family is, for you could have done something meaningful with them instead… Pretty deep, huh ? Then good bye and good…bye…


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But enough about me, what about you ? :o
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1 Response to …and the birds flu over the swine…flu…

  1. Butcherooni says:

    Hope you get better soon 😛

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